Custom Order - Remembering Nonno

Losing a loved one is never an easy experience especially when they are a firm feature of daily life. I was privileged to be asked to help remember a man who was clearly deeply loved and very much missed by his family.

Nonno or Grandpa, was known for his thick fleece shirts and jeans. His family generously gave me some of those shirts and jeans to turn into mementos for his children and grandchildren. They chose shirts for the family members who would receive cushions and the balance I could use for the remaining bed runners and cot blanket. 

The pocket was removed from each shirt and sent away for embroidering a personal message written by the family. When the embroidery was completed the pockets were reattached to the shirts to be turned into cushions and the balance kept to one side for the runners and blanket. 

The shirts were then made into removable covers for the cushions. The remaining shirts and jeans were cut into simple squares and arranged into a pattern for each runner and the blanket.


I tried to make sure there was a good mix of the shirts in each of the patchwork items in case one of the recipients liked Nonno in one shirt more than the other. The squares of shirt material were interspersed with squares cut from the jeans provided. 

The patchwork panels were than added to a quilted backing with the same material used to frame the panel. Each runner is almost identical whilst the cot blanket being a little wider has a slightly different arrangement to its feature panel of Nonno's shirts and jeans. 

I felt extremely privileged to be asked to work with the family to remember someone who was clearly so special to them all. Their emotional reactions to the finished pieces told me that I had brought a little bit of Nonno to them. 

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The patterns used in this custom order were a Handmade for Me (formerly Made for Me) bespoke design. Each item was made with shirts and jeans from the client. New fabric from Spotlight Stores and cushion inserts from Textile Traders. The custom embroidery for the shirts was undertaken by Yulias Design. I have no affiliation with these companies and do not receive any monies from you selecting these links. 

Photos may not be copied or shared without written permission from Handmade for Me (formerly Made for Me). 

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