Custom Order - Martial Arts Weapons Bag

As you know, Handmade for Me does custom orders along side the products stocked in store. One of my earliest custom orders was when I was asked to make a weapons bag for an instructor. I thought, "Sure! There aren't that many weapons". Mmm, wrong! Sooo wrong! 

Martial Arts Weapons

I can still remember the instructor walking towards me with his arms full of weapons; three times!!!

I tried hard to remember all of the correct names but we ended up reaching an understanding. When I said, 'police truncheon' and he said, 'tompha', we knew we were talking about the same thing. Albeit with a few eye rolls inbetween ;-)

His favourite colour is lime green so it was a given that colour would be incorporated somewhere. Given that the weapons are heavy, sharp and sometimes both we needed to choose a fabric that was hard wearing. So we opted for canvas. Lime green pockets against a black background with matching green carry straps. The bag had to be portable so he could move the weapons within the dojo and out of the dojo. 

Portability was a major specification for him so the way the weapons were stored needed to be easily accessible for quick access whilst teaching but also secure for transporting. 

So the weapons were grouped largely by size but with a view to the weight of the weapons helping with portability. So the heavyist were placed where they would be at the bottom of the bag when it was being carried.

Martial Arts Weapons Bag - Custom Order

Six of the pockets close with a velcro strap whilst a seventh closes with a zip. The tompha and sythes are held in place with bands. The bag folds into thirds and the carry straps have clasps which lock the bag closed when it is being carried. 

The finished bag holds about 14 individual weapon sets and it all weighs in at almost 7kg. I used around 400 metres of thread, 5 metres of webbing for the carry straps and 9 metres of material. There is a brief video here

It was a huge bag, literally at over a metre tall and more than a metre wide but it was just so interesting to make which is why I love custom orders. They take me places I wouldn't think of going. 

Weapons Bag - Carried

If you would like to discuss a custom order (large or small) please contact me. To see a sample of some other Custom Orders which I've undertaken please go to the News & Events page

The pattern is a Handmade for Me bespoke design. The bag was made with new fabric and interfacing from Spotlight Stores, hardware from Betty Box Pleat, webbing from Vardhman Threads.  I have no affiliation with these companies and do not receive any monies from you selecting these links. 

Photos may not be copied or shared without written permission from Handmade for Me (formerly Made for Me). 

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