Custom Order - Its a dogs life!

Custom orders can be challenging. Sometimes you have a client who is quite demanding. They focus on the detail and the pressure is on to make sure each stitch is perfect or as close to perfection as you and the machine can get it. 

These two ladies were quite demanding because they're polar opposites! Tall and leggy and ... not so leggy. However they both agreed that they needed a cushion for their shared kennel. The owners (they're not cats remember) wanted something hardwearing as Miss Legs has luverly looong nails. Canvas wasn't doing it so we went for the perinal favourite, denim. Its a solid foam insert with a removeable cover and two handles so the the cushion could be moved around. Which was handy as they both liked it so much it came out of the kennel quite a lot!

 Denim dog cushion custom order Handmade for Me

Meanwhile this cutie decided her owners really, actually, didn't want their cushions. Really, really didn't!!  So they had to come back and get another set for themselves. These are simply fabric sushions with a foam fill but they are really quite comfy. As you can see!

 Pokemon Cushion Now Dog Cushion

All cushions here were made using a Handmade for Me pattern. The foam insert for the large denim cushion was from Foam Sales of Myaree. The fabric, zip and foam fill was bought from Spotlight Stores. I have no affiliation with these stores and do not earn any commission if you click on these links. 

If you (or your dog) would like to discuss a custom order please contact me. To see a sample of some other Custom Orders which I've undertaken please go to the News & Events page

Photos may not be copied or shared without written permission from Handmade for Me. 

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